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Industrial Video Borescope / Endoscope ( JK Series JF Series JM Series JG Series VGA Series)
Biological Microscope
Stereo Microscope
Metallurgical Microscope
Digital Portable Microscope
Digital Microscope & Accessory
Polarizing Microscope
Fluorescence Microscope
Multi-viewing & Comparison Microscope

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Question Solution
Q1: View of bright uneven S1: Lamp position may offset
S2: Condenser skew
S3. Nosepiece not go Positioning
S4. Observation head loose
Q2: Perspective can see dust S1: Decline in the condenser so that the dust collector mirror image to the eyepiece field of view.
S2: Eyepiece unclean
S3: When the dust 4X objective observation , attachment of the slide .
Q3: View of an object of fibrous S1: Eyepiece may be moldy
S2: head may be moldy
S3: The objective lens may be moldy
Q4: Edge imaging of an object of a relatively bright light. S1: Eyepiece lens rupture
S2: Condenser skew
S3: The objective lens rupture
Q5: Imaging an object or part of the non-uniform distortions. S1: Oil droplets or water droplets on the slide
S2: There are fingerprints on the slide
S3: Eyepiece defaced
Q6: Images can not overlap S1: Observation Prism offset head
S2: Binocular distance is not adjusted to the correct position .
S3: About two different focal ( clear ).
Q7: Insufficient light levels S1: Voltage is incorrect.
S2: Lamp wattage right
S3: Dimmer unadjusted
Q8: light is not on S1: Not really plug socket
S2: Switch is not open
S3: Fuses , light bulbs burned wire.
S4: Circuit board damage