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 PT-3438 Polarizing Microscope
Viewing head Trinocular, inclination at 30°, 50% or 100% image light for photography capable.
Eye piece High Eye point WF10X/20mm (1 pair)
10X cross eyepiece (1 piece)
10X graduation eyepiece (1 piece)
Objective Strain-Free Infinity Plan  PL 4X/0.12
Strain-Free Infinity Plan  PL 10X/0.25
Strain-Free Infinity Plan  PL 40X/0.65(Spring)
Strain-Free Infinity Plan  PL 60X/0.85(Spring)
Nose Piece Quadruple backward inner locating on ball bearing
Stage Rotatable stage, Stage size: 172mm,  DiameterΦ160mm, 360° graduated (in 1° increments), minimum retardation resolution 6' center adjustable and with tightener
Magnifications 40X~600X
Focusing Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, with tension adjustable and limit stopper, minimum division of fine focusing: 2μm.
Condenser Swing type N.A1.25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm
Polarizer 360° rotatable, with four scale is 0°,90°,180°, 270°
Illumination Upper and Down illumination: Halogen bulb 12V/30W, AC85V-230V, With polarizer adjustable brightness
Collector For illumination with halogen lamp With field diaphragm
Intermediate attachment Built-in analyzer, can switch to normal observe or polarizing observe , 90° rotatable with scale, minimum retardation resolution 12' Bertrand lens ,impellent style, center adjustable
Gypsum 1λ Compensator
Mica λ/4 Compensator
Quartz wedge compensator

Strain-Free Infinity Plan Objective PL 20X/0.4

Quintuple Nosepiece

Strain-free Infinity Plan metallurgical Objective:4×10×20×40×60×