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 PMM-304 Measuring Microscope
Optical System Infinity Optical System
Viewing head Trinocular Measuring Single Tube 30 ° Angle 360°,including analyzer and diopter adustment, lnterpupillary Distance: 55~75 mm
Eye piece High Eye Point WF 10X (Φ22mm)
Objective Infinity Long W.D. Metallurgical Plan Objective:
∞PLL   4X/0.10 W.D.=29.4mm
∞PLL   10X/0.25 W.D.=16mm
∞PLL  20X/0.40 W.D.=10.5mm
∞PLL  50X/0.55 W.D.=5.1mm
Nose Piece Quintuple backward inner locating on ball bearing
Measuring System

XYZ measuring system with counter

XYZ travel: 200mm × 100mm x 150mm

Lieaner scale precision: 0.001mm (1um)
Stage Mechanical aluminum alloy stage with Japan NB linear guideway
Stage size: 400mm x 300mm
Magnification 40X~500X
Focusing Coaxial coarse & fine focusing adjustment
Illumination High Brightness 3W vertical (co-axis) and transmitted LED. Brightness adjustable.
Base Granite base
Option Infinity Long W.D. Metallurgical Plan Objective:  
∞ PLL 80X/0.75 W.D.=4mm, ∞ PLL 100X/0.8 W.D.=3mm