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 PB-3488 Multi-viewing Microscope




Model PB-3488 PB-3488M
Optical System

Infinity Optical System

Viewing head Four Viewing Binocular Head, Inclined at 30°, 360° rotatable, Diopter adjustable  Four Viewing Head
(Two Binocular Head in the middle, Two Monocular Head at Side), Inclined at 30°, 360° rotatable, Diopter adjustable
Interpupillary Distance 55mm -75mm
Eyepiece WF10 X (22mm)
Objective Infinity Achromatic objective:
∞ 4X/0.10
∞ 10X/0.25
∞  40X/0.65 (S)
∞ 100X/1.25 (S)(Oil)
Stage Double layers mechanical stage
Stage size: 180mm × 150mm
Moving range: 75mm × 50mm
Condenser N.A1.25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm
Focusing Coaxial coarse & fine focusing adjustment with rack and pinion mechanism Fine focusing scale Value 0.002mm
Illumination High-light Kohler illumination, Halogen Bulb 12V30W. AC85V-230V Adjustable brightness 


˙Infinity Achromatic Objective: 20×60(s)

˙Infinity Semi-plan Objective: 10×20×40×(s)60×(s)100×(s)

˙Infinity Plan Objective: 10×20×40×(s)60×(s)100×(s)oil

˙CCD Adapter 0.5×0.57×0.75×

˙Compensation Free Binocular Head (48mm-75mm)

˙LED cursor(Pointer)