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 PM Series Industrial Borescope Endoscope Videoscope Inpsection Camera


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• The compact and handy inspection concept offers a high degree of flexibility in numerous areas of application where fast
   and uncomplicated inspection, analysis and documentation of pipes and cavities are called for – also in locations that are
   difficult to access.

Working Environment

• Hard to reach • Dirty or danger • Dark area • Non-destructive inspection


• Water Pipe •Industry and construction • Heat and air conditioning • Building services • Engineering • Plumbing
• Search & Rescue applications • Military

Camera Head

• Interchangeable Camera Head • IP 68 Waterproof •Bright & Clear Image • 640*480 Resolution • Stainless Steel
• 8 High Brightness LED (3000 lux)


Model JGS-2230M JGS-2830M JGS-2810
Pipe Diameter Φ6mm
Camera Diameter Φ22mm Φ28mm
Applicable Pipe 40mm - 70mm 50mm - 100mm
Goose neck 27cm
Pipe Length 30m 30m 10m
Resolution 640 * 480
Camera Material Stainless steel
Depth of Field 30mm - 100mm 10mm - ∞
Field of View 62.5°(Diagonal) 150.8°(Diagonal)
Illumination High Brightness 8 White Led (3000 lux)
Waterproof Probe-IP68 , Reel-IP65
Interchangeable Head No Yes No
Working Temp -10°C~60°C
Operating Hour 3 Hours
Material Fiber Glass
Flexibility Continuously 90° sharp turn in Φ40mm/Φ50mm Water Pipe
Whole Reel Diameter Reel:30cm Plate:45cm
Standard Package Standard Carton Package
5KG/ 38.5*26*44 (cm)
Carton Package
Optional Package Big Portable Blow Molded Case
12KG/ 64*29*46(cm)
Locator & Transmitter
Standard Accessories Centering Brush Metal Ring Φ50mm
Centering Brush, D: Φ100mm
Pipe Meter (Length Count)
Centering Brush Metal Ring Φ50mm
Centering Brush, D: Φ100mm / 150mm
Pipe Meter (Length Count)
Centering Brush Metal Ring Φ50mm
Centering Brush, D: Φ100mm / 150mm
Shoulder Strap

Main Console System (same to JF series)

System Dimension 117.5*207*37mm
Power Battery rechargeable Li-Polymer battery 3.7V
Display 3.5"TFT LCD QGVA
Interface USB 2.0 / AV Out
Video Out Format NTSC & PAL
Recording Medium 8GB SD Memory Card
Still Image Format JPEG (640*480)
Video Format AVI 320*240
Frame Rate ~30 fps
Language English and other 26 Languages

Optional Accessory

Locator & Transmitter (for Φ28mm Camera Head)

  Dimensions   L:293.5mm
  Weight   2kg
  Power source   3.7V/200mA Li battery
  Power consumption   282mA
  Battery charge   3~4 hours
  Power cycle   6~7 hours
  Power adaptor   5.5V, 1.8A
  Working temperature   -10~60°C
  Storage temperature   -20~80°C
  Drop resistance   -60cm
  IP protection   IP55

New Standard Accessory: Pipe Meter

  Pope Meter
  Screen Display   LCD
  Switches   Power/Reset
  m/ft count
  Meter counts   Foward/Rewind
  Display digits   3(1 decimal
  Meter display   m/ft
  Deviation   ±0.4m(±1.3ft)
  IP protection   IP55
  Power source   2xAAA(DC 3V)
  Power capacity   >150hus

Demo Pictures

Standard Carton Package

All parts will be protected well. It also saves the freight.

Optional Package – Big Portable Blow Molded Case for option.

Two Placement Methods