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 JK Series Industrial Borescope Endoscope Videoscope Inpsection Camera



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Video Output
Live View Images can be displayed directly to a big TV
screen by video cable connection. Support " PAL " /
" NTSC " video system.
USB Connection
JK Series is capable to transfer captured images and view from PC.
Support Windows 2000 or later version. No specific software
is required to palyback the JPG and ASF files.

Large 7" TFT LCD Display
Embedded with 7" TFT LCD Monitor provides superior
image quality photos for inspector to see.
Screen Image Rotation Ability
Features image rotation allowing user to turn image into four directions
90°, 180°, 270° and 360°. No need to rotate camera probe anymore.

Mirror Image
Support mirror image to correct the dirrection of probe.
Three stages 5.0X Zoom - In
Support 1.5X, 2.0X, 5.0X digital zoom.

Live View Software
Live view software with snap-shot, video recording and playback function.

Other Models




Video Demonstraction

Engine Inspection
Metal tube Inspection
Φ4.9mm, Quick Switch Probe- Forward/Side View Φ6mm, 2 Way Articulating Probe
Insert into Water - 100% Waterproof                                   1.5X Zoom Function & Mirror Image  
JGS-2830M Pipe Borescope Passes Two Bends JGS-2830M Pipe Borescope Image Quality Test

Different tube diameters, lengths, and materials for option:

Tip Diameter (mm)
Tube Length (m)
Material of Tube


1 semi-rigid


2 semi-rigid


3 semi-rigid


1 soft-metal (semi-rigid)


2 soft-metal (semi-rigid)


3 soft-metal (semi-rigid)


5 soft-metal


10 soft-metal


30 soft-metal

Φ4.9 (dual-cameras quick switch)

1 semi-rigid

Φ4.9 (dual-cameras quick switch)

2 soft-metal

Φ4.9 (dual-cameras quick switch)

3 semi-rigid
Φ5.4 (VGA Probe, Short Tip)
Stainless steel (soft-metal)
Φ5.5 (VGA Probe, Near Focus)
Φ5.5 (VGA probe)
Φ5.5 (VGA probe)
Φ5.5 (VGA probe)
2 soft-metal
Φ5.5 (VGA probe)
3 soft-metal
JKVS-5505 Φ5.5 (VGA probe) 5 soft-metal
Φ4.5 (VGA probe, 2 way short tip articulation)
1.5 Outer braided Stainless steel (soft-metal)
JKVS-45032 Φ4.5 (VGA probe, 2 way short tip - articulation) 3 Outer braided Stainless steel (soft-metal)
Φ6 (VGA probe, 1 way short tip- articulation)
1 Outer braided Stainless steel (soft-metal)
JKVS-60012 Φ6 (VGA, 2 way articulation) 1 soft-metal
JKVS-60022 Φ6 (VGA, 2 way articulation) 2 soft-metal
JKVS-60032 Φ6 (VGA, 2 way articulation) 3 soft-metal
JKVS-60014 Φ6 (VGA, 360° articulation) 1 Outer braided Stainless steel (soft-metal)
JKVS-60034 Φ6 (VGA, 360° articulation) 3 Outer braided Stainless steel (soft-metal)
JKVS-60054 Φ6 (VGA, 360° articulation) 5 Outer braided Stainless steel (soft-metal)
JKVS-60074 Φ6 (VGA, 360° articulation) Outer braided Stainless steel (soft-metal)
JKS-2230M Φ6(pipe), Φ22(camera head), Count Meter 30 soft-metal

Φ6(pipe), Φ28(camera head), Count Meter

30 soft-metal

JKVS = VGA probe, JKVR = semi-rigid,  JKVS= soft-metal,  JKVS-5501= Φ5.5mm, JKVS-5501 = 1m,  JKVS-60012 = 2 way articulation, JKVS-60014 = 360° articulation


(Client: All Nippon Airways, Japan; Mandarin Airline, Taiwan ; Toyota Motor, Japan)

Automobiles (check of and repair of cylinders, mufflers, transmissions, linings, manifolds, frames, etc. )
Aircrafts (Inspection and repair of engines, shafts, landing gears, turbines, etc.)
Ships (Inspection and repair engines, turbines, heat exchangers, pipe lines, etc.)
Railways (Inspection and repair for engine maintenance, power maintenance, electric maintenance, etc.)
Mechanical equipment (internal check of pipes, tanks, steel pipes, tubes, etc.)
Generators (Inspection for cracks on and abrasion of mechanical equipment, boilers, turbines, hydraulic pipes, etc.)
Welding (Inspection of welding on pipes, tanks, steel pipes, tubes, etc.)
General equipment (Internal check of various pipes)
Gas, petroleum, and chemicals (Internal Inspection of gas pipes, oil pipes, heat exchangers, etc.)
Electricity (Internal Inspection and diagnosis of power distributors, transformers, power equipment, etc.)
Manufacture (quality check of engine blocks, containers, LCDs, etc.)
Defense, security, and surveilliance (military, customs, police , firefighting, security companies)
Architecture (Construction engineering, upholstery, house repair, plumbing, ventilation, air condition, etc.)
Exploration, education, and research and experiments.


Feature Function

Snap shot and video recording (640*480)
LED brightness adjustment
Zoom in and image rotation
USB to PC connection (optional software)
Long duty hour

Main Console System(Screen)

LCD 7" LCD ( 800 x 480 )
Snapshot 640 * 480, JPEG
Recording 640 * 480 , MPEG4 (with audio)
Storage 4GB SD card (up to 32GB)
USB Live view mode (optional software) / Mass storage mode
AV output NTSC/PAL
Audio input / oupput Built-in microphone / Headphone Jack
Brightness Adjust 10 levels
Dust & Water Proof IP57 standard
Shock Proof 1 meter drop test
Working temperature -10 ~ 60
Storage temperature -20 ~ 80
Battery Built-in Li-polymer Battery, Capacity: 6 hrs, Charge time: 3 hrs
Languages 27 Languages: English / French / German / Italian / Spanish / Portuguese / Japanese / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Danish / Dutch / Polish / Russian / Bulgarian / Turkish / Swedish / Finnish / Norwegian / Estonian / Lithuanian / Latvian / Hungarian / Czech / Slovak / Slovenian / Romanian / Greek
Dimension 240 * 154 * 47mm
Weight 1.18 kg ( 2.6 lb)

360° Articulation VGA Probe 

Model JKVS-60014 JKVS-60034 JKVS-6005(7)4
Probe Head Diameter Φ6.0mm (W/O Lock Ring)
Probe Head Length 24mm
Tube Length 1m 3m 5m/7m (Customized)
Articulation Angle Full ways ≥ 110° Full ways ≥ 80°
Tube Material Outer Braided Stainless Steel
Probe Head Material Stainless Steel
Light Source Front / Side
F.O.V 87°
D.O.F. 10 mm ~ 100 mm
Botton Boost / Rotate / Particle Free
Articulation Shaft Lock Left - open / Right - lock
Working Temperature -10°C ~ 60°C
StorageTemperature 10°C ~ 60°C
Resolution VGA (640 x 480)

VGA Probe 

Model JKVS-5501 JKVS-5502 JKVS-5503 JKVS-5505
Camera Head Length 20mm
Camera Head Material Stainless Steel
Tube Length 1m 2m 3m 5m
Tube Diameter Φ5.5mm
Tube Material Soft-metal (1m~5m) / Semi-rigid (1m)
Sensor Resolution VGA (640 x 480)
LED Forward: 224mcd * 4 LED / Side: 224mcd *2 LED
Brightness Adjustable by Main Console (Display)
D.O.F. 1~6cm
F.O.V. 60.7 Degree (Diagonal)
Working Temperature -20ºC~65ºC
Waterproof IP67
Option Near Focus Probe for Option (1m)

Short - Articulation VGA Probe 

Model JKVS-45022 JKVS-45032 JKVS-60011
Type of Articulation 2 way articulation 1 way articulation
Articulation Angle Right - Left 180º Right 180º
Camera Head Length 13mm 5mm
Camera Head Material Stainless steel
Tube Length 1.5m 3m 1m
Tube Diameter Φ4.5mm Φ6.0mm
Tube Material Outer braided Stainless steel
Sensor Resolution VGA (640 x 480)
LED 5 x White LEDs
Brightness Adjustable by Handle
D.O.F. 1~10cm
F.O.V. 90 degree (Diagonal)
Working Temperature -10ºC~60ºC
Waterproof IP67
Handle Dimension 139.3 * 34.9 * 31.8mm
Handle Weight 220g
Battery Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery 3.7V

2 Way Articulation VGA Probe 

Model JKVS-60012 JKVS-60022 JKVS-60032
2 Way Articulation Left: 155º / Right: 155º
Articulation Radius 50mm +/- 5mm
Camera Head Length 23.3mm
Camera Head Material Stainless steel
Tube Length 1m 2m 3m
Tube Diameter Φ6mm
Tube Material Soft-metal Soft-metal (flexible material)
Sensor Resolution VGA (640 x 480)
LED Forward: 224mcd * 3 LED / Side: 224mcd *2 LED
Brightness Adjustable by Handle
D.O.F. 1~10cm
F.O.V. 87.1 degree (Diagonal)
Working Temperature -20ºC~65ºC
Waterproof IP67
Handle Dimension 139.3 * 34.9 * 31.8mm
Handle Weight 220g
Battery Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery 3.7V

CAST Probe 

Model JKVS-5401
Camera Head Diameter Φ5.4mm
Camera Head Length 7.0mm (unbendable rigid tip part : 10mm)
Probe Diameter 4.5mm
Probe Length 1m
Articulation Angle 0
Probe Head Material OStainless steel
Probe Material Outer braided Stainless steel
Light Source 5 x white LEDs
D.O.F. 1 ~ 10cm
F.O.V. 90 Degree (Diagonal)
Working Temperature -20ºC~60ºC
Storage Temperature -20ºC~60ºC
Resolution VGA (640 x 480)
Applicable Systems JF / JK / JM series

Pipe Inspection Probe

Model JKS-2230M JKS-2830M
Pipe Diameter Φ 6mm
Camera Diameter Φ22mm Φ28mm
Applicable Pipe 40mm-70mm 50mm-100mm
Goose neck 27cm
Pipe Length 30M 30M
Resolution 640*480
Camera Material Stainless Steel
Depth of Field 30mm - 100mm 10mm -
Field of View 62.5°(Diagonal) 150.8°(Diagonal)
Interchangeable Camera Head No Yes
Illumination High Brightness 8 White Led (3000 lux)
Waterproof Probe-IP68 , Reel-IP65
Working Temp. -10°C~60°C
Operating Hour 3 Hours
Material Fiber Glass
Flexibility Continuously 90° sharp turn in Φ40mm/ Φ50mm Water Pipe
Whole Reel Diameter 30cm
Standard Package Standard Blow Molded Case 12KG/64*29*46(CM)
Standard Accessories Centering Brush (Diameter: Φ100mm, L:150mm), Pipe Meter (Length Count)
Optional Accessories for Φ28mm camera head only Centering Metal Ring, Diameter: Φ50mm, L:36mm
Centering Brush, Diameter:Φ150mm, L:150mm

Material of Probe: 

- Bendable and can be
  in fixed position.


- soft, bendable and

Outer braided Stainless steel:

- soft, bendable, resilient
Wear-resistant, durable.

Different Probes For Option:

VGA Resolution, Function Upgraded Probe for option Check Detail

640x480 (Dynamic), Particle-free, Anti-reflection, Brighter Image, Rotatable Image
2 Way VGA Resolution Articulating Probe for option.


Φ6.0mm 360° Articulation Probe

Φ4.5mm / Φ6.0mm Short Tip Articulation Probe

Articulatiopn Probes Comparison

Model JIVS-60012 JiVS-60011 JIVS-45022 JIS-60012 JIS-60014
Probe Length 1m (2m /3m for option) 1m 1.5m (3m for option) 1m (2m /3m for option) 1m (3m for option)
Camera Diameter 6mm 6mm 4.5mm 6mm 6mm
Camera Head Length 23mm 10mm 13mm 23mm 24mm
Resolution VGA(640*480 ) VGA(640*480 ) VGA(640*480 ) QVGA(320*240 ) VGA(640*480 )
Probe Material Stainless steel with outer PVC Outer Braided Stainless Steel Outer Braided Stainless Steel Stainless steel with outer PVC Outer Braided Stainless Steel
Articulation Two way One way Two way Two way Full way
Max Articulation Angle Right: 155° / Left: 155° One way: 180° Right: 180° / Left: 180° Right: 155° / Left: 155° >110°
F.O.V. (Diagonal) 87° 87° 90° 56° 87°
D.O.F. 1cm~10cm 1cm~6cm 1cm~10cm 1cm~6cm 1cm~10cm
Articulation Radius
(at angle 90° )
50mm 30mm 35mm 48mm
Articulation Radius
(at max angle)
45mm 18mm 27mm 43mm
Side View Mirror Yes (70°/90°/110°available) No No No Yes (70°/90°/110°available)
Functions Light Boost / Image Rotation / Side LED Light Boost / Image Rotation Light Boost / Image Rotation No Image Rotation / Side LED

Φ4.9mm Dual-camera Probe with Quick Switch of Forward-View and Side-View for option

Side View                                                                                           Forward View

Φ3.9mm probe with forward view or side view for option 

Φ5.4mm Short Tip CAST Probe

JKS-2230M / JKS-2830M Pipe Inspecting Borescope (best for Waterpipe / Duct / Drain inspection)  

Locator & Transmitter (for Φ28mm Camera Head))

Climbing Balls (Optional accessory)

Climbing ball helps the probe to turn smoothly in the edge or angle. It also helps to climb up if facing multiple edges.

Holding Tube (Optional Accessory for 5.5mm / 6mm probes)