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 Digital Portable Microscope

PV series of microscopes that are video ones of latest technology provide a multi-function tool to manage and analyze the video images resulting from them. Viewing on the screen clearly, portable electronic microscopes are mainly used to check metal surfaces of IC boards, surfaces of materials, or to observe human skin and hair. It is really one of the most useful tools to enhance the quality and image for industry, medical treatment, and beauty business.

 Digital Portable Microscope Series
Model Description Magnification Specification
PO-500X Portable Microscope (USB, Versatile) 50X~500X Detail
JMD-Z13 Zoom Portable Microscope (USB, Versatile) 50X~170X Detail
BW908 TV Portable Microscope (TV, Versatile) 25X~400X Detail
Magic Pencil Children Microscope (USB) 30X-60X Detail
 PV Beauty Series – Professional Iris / Skin/ Hair Inspection
Item Model Magnification Specification
Beauty Series PV-IR00, PV-IRS4, V-IR12,PV-SV00, PV-SVS4,PV-SV12, PV-HV00, PV-HVS4, PV-HV12 (TV, USB) 15X, 50X, 200X, 750X Detail