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 Digital Biological Microscopes
PD Series Digital biological microscopes having the built-in high resolution camera system.No more connecting with any other picturing devices, operating easily, and are generally suitable for the study and research of various creatures.

The camera system of the PD series having 1.3 mega pixels of CMOS image sensors can be connected with a PC via USB, displaying the real time images of wide illumination and high sensitivity. In addition, the feature of CF high contrast objectives makes the formation of image more three-dimensional. PD Series Digital Microscope with precise measure software, you can measure the actual length/area/diameter/circumference/angle of object.

 PD Series - Digital Biological Microscopes
Item Model Magnification Specification
PD-5200 Binocular 40~1600X Detail
PD-5100 Binocular 40~1600X Detail
PD-3428 Binocular 40~1000X Detail
PD-3028 Binocular 40~1000X Detail
PD-2520 Binocular 40~1000X Detail
PD-2510 Monocular 40~1000X Detail
PD-3210 Monocular 40~1600X Detail
PDM-60 3.6" LCD / Monocular 40~640X Detail