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 Biological Microscopes
These series of microscopes are available for observing specimens of animals and plants. Biological microscopes are also very practical for blood analysis and pathology inspection of humans’ bodies.

So for research departments of schools and institutes who are interested with creature slices and blood analysis can make use of biological microscopes. By correctly using these microscopes, you’ll understand another world of creatures.

 PB Series - Big-size Biological Microscope
Item Discription Magnification Specification
PB-4138L  Trinocular, LED, Competitive to Zeiss Primo Star 40~1000X Detail
PB-3138L Trinocular, LED, High N.A. Objectives 40~1000X Detail
PB-3438P Trinocular, Phase Contrast, Dark Field 40~1000X Detail
PB-3438 Trinocular 40~1000X Detail
PB-3038 Binocular 40~1000X Detail
PB-3930 Trinocular 40~1000X Detail
PB-3730 Trinocular 40~1600X Detail
PB-3720 Binocular 40~1600X Detail
PB-3710 Monocular 40~1600X Detail
PB-371V V- Monocular 40~1600X Detail
PB-3630 Trinocular 40~1600X Detail
PB-3620 Binocular 40~1600X Detail
PB-3610 Monocular 40~1600X Detail
PB-3530 Trinocular 40~1000X Detail
PB-3330 Trinocular, Best C/P Value 40~1600X Detail
PB-3320 Binocular, Best C/P Value 40~1600X Detail
PB-3310 Monocular 40~1600X Detail
PB-3230 Trinocular 40~1600X Detail
PB-3220 Binocular 40~1600X Detail
PB-3210 Monocular 40~1600X Detail
PB-321V V- Monocular 40~1600X Detail