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 3D Video Measuring System - EFA 2D Video Measuring System
Concept of EFA:

The 2D Video Precision Measuring System use CCD to display the material image on the screen or monitor, which may make up for the deficient measuring technique for overhead projectors. The EFA2008 controller, featuring automatic data input and reporting of data output, improves the operating and measuring procedures for overhead projectors. In particular, the special design of active hairline greatly increases the measuring efficiency.

Operating easily, every one can use it without difficulties. You don’t have to spend your spare time and money to learn how to use the measuring instruments. The modern instrument, Video Precision Measuring System, is very expensive. To promote measuring technique, the prices of series of EFA products are set to be reasonable and acceptable so that ordinary businesses can afford to have those kinds of apparatus to enhance the measuring quality.

Features of EFA:
  • No need to place material upright
  • Can measure blind holes
  • Can measure outline
  • Exclusive, Rotatable, Colorful active hairline!
  • Transmitted, overlooking 2-way light source
  • Real time measuring and drafting
  • Outline measuring
  • Ease of operating interface
  • No need to purchase PCs

Introduction of EFA:
1. When measuring with traditional projector, you have to place the material upright and aim at the screen. But with EFA, you need not to place the material upright, so you can save lots of time and avoid the error resulting from upright accuracy
2. With the features of real time drafting and measuring, the output graph can be combined with AUTOCAD, and the measuring data can be exported to EXCEL worksheets.
3. Can measure the diameter and coordinates of the center of a circle, the long and short axis distance of an ellipse, the length and angle of a line section, radius of an arc, coaxial angle; the thread of a screw (distance, depth, inner/outer radius, intersection angle).
4. Can measure angle, the distance between a point and a line, an intersection point of two extended lines, an intersection arc of two lines (special smart angle R), the distance between two circles, the distance between a circle and a line (distance of centers, shortest distance, longest distance), distance between two points, and distance between two parallel lines.
5. Built-in SPC analysis reports (qualified rate statistics, measuring data chart)
6. Directly draw and edit on the controller, so you can immediately obtain varied sizes and graphs.

 EFA 2D Video Measuring System
Item Model Spec.
EFA-1510WS / EFA-1510W EFA 2D Video Measuring System Detail
EFA-2010S / EFA-2010 EFA 2D Video Measuring System Detail
EFA-3020 EFA 2D Video Measuring System Detail